My daughter Eve at Camp Erin

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  1. My son lost his father in Feb, I don’t have to tell you all about how you feel for your child’s grief, but to imagine how they feel, how they miss their lost one, it’s just overwhelming, they lash out, get angry, seek out solitude..Aedan has ADHD and has a really hard time managing his thoughts, his time, and his feelings. Camp Erin has been very helpful in bringing Aedan out of his she’ll again, I hope that maybe he could return next year..I appreciate what all of you have done for my child and do many others..Kat

  2. Yes hello, my 3 kids (10,12,13) just finished Camp Erin in Tampa Area and they loved it!

    Does anyone know of any other types of grief camps in Florida? Or similar Kids Camp?

    Thanks in advance,

    God Bless,

    Kevin O

  3. My twin 12-yr old nieces lost their mother (my sister) on 4/23/16 after a 3 year battle with cancer. Their father and I don’t know how to help them grieve. We live in the San Francisco area and I hope to be able to get them into camp there. The site is currently down.

  4. This seems like a very good and unique way to help our grieving children. I have a 4 yr old who is too young. I also have a seven year old and 15 year old. They all lost their mom/stepmom just 2 months ago. She committed suicide via mediation overdose. I am doing all I can for them, but there is only one of me and 5 of them only 3 of which who are in the age range. I truly hope my children get to go to camp this year. I emailed the Tacoma Washington camp. I am not sure if that is how u register or not. Thank you for having such a foundation even if my family is not chosen. Thank you Barb Morris

  5. My twin sons lost their mother in the Fall of 2014 and attended Camp Erin the summer of 2015. What a great experience!!! My son Ryan RARELY gets excited about anything, and on the way home kept saying “I can’t wait to go back next year”. There is no guarantee they will get in again this year, but we will try!!
    Thank you to all who support Camp Erin…truly a great concept.

  6. My son attended a camp 2 years ago. We missed the register date last year, but he has cherished the moments from his stay. I am looking for the area to register if anyone here can point me on the right direction. Thank you

  7. Thanks for inviting me to this forum. My son lost his father about 15 months ago when he was 8 years old. We attended Camp Erin in Julian (San Diego County) last summer and it was life changing for him. I get emotional even thinking about it and the ways that the experience opened him up and allowed him to deal with his grief in a safe/loving way. Just today he told me he couldn’t remember his dad’s voice…but as a result of Camp Erin, I know that he’s better equipped to deal with moments like this. I hope we can go back to camp.

  8. My daughter’s best friend committed suicide on my daughter’s 16th birthday (May, 2014). Camp Erin was such a gift. She came home with a new perspective and stronger coping skills. I am very grateful for Camp Erin.

  9. My two children lost their father 6 months ago. They attended Camp Erin Palm Beach and they wish to return for another weekend. Camp Erin has been a blessing!! Thanks to the Moyer Foundation for providing my kids with such amazing experience.

  10. I am so grateful for the Moyer foundation and Hospice/Camp Erin for all the services they offer to the sick as well as the aftercare of the ones that were left behind. 9 years ago I lost my little sister, one year ago my dad and 10 months later my mom. In between that time we have lost very close neighbors. My son, Logan age 11, held everything in and through your services (Wave Riders) he became a little better. Logan just got home from the Camp Erin weekend and he seems like a different child. He is happy and said he had the time of his life. He can’t stop talking and laughing about his wonderful experiences at Camp Erin. Thank you soooo much for keeping my son safe and letting him have the time of his life. He is SO HAPPY and open now it is amazing. Thanks especially to Mark,Ron, Chuck, Dennis, Don, Will, Greg, Charles, Tara, Ben, Nurses, and all the staff and those who donated their time to my son and all the other children. THANKS THANKS AND A BIGGER THANKS!!! Logan and Joan!!! ❤

  11. Thank you so much…My kids Valerie and Mason loved attending camp together after they lost their baby brother Vincent to stillbirth in February. This camp really helped them to not feel so alone. Everyone we met was just wonderful ❤

  12. Thank you to Camp Erin.. We lost the children’s father due to Cancer this Nov.. My children for once did not feel all alone in this world and just are finding their grounds when they could not before!

  13. I thank the Moyer Foundation for the opportunity for my grandson William to attend Camp Erin this year. He had a ball and I want to thank all the staff and volunteers for their support in this effort. — Linda W.

  14. Thank you for your service. My son attended Camp Erin for the first time and said it was the best experience of his (11 yr old) life. Thank you to all who made this grief camp possible.

  15. I just want to thank the Moyer foundation and all the wonderful volunteers at Camp Erin. My daughter Chloe attended Camp Erin a year after we lost my husband, and it was an awesome experience for her. She met a girl that she has remained friends with who lost her father a few days after Chloe. They had alot of the same feelings about the loss of their dads. The camp helped Chloe to see that there were other children just like her going through the same pain. Everyone at Camp Erin was wonderful. The volunteers really helped make camp a positive experience for all the kids. I have recommended the camp to other people.

  16. My daughter went last year 4 months after she lost her father, she also lost her grandma 9 months before that and her aunt a year before. It has a blessing she can be around other children that understand to lose people they are close to. I am so glad that I found out about this program I know it is a great program. My daughter wants to go back this year. also i can now pass this camp on to others whose children who have lost love ones.

  17. Many heartfelt thanks to Camp Erin and the Moyer Foundation for providing my son with one of the best experiences of his life! He was 16 months when my husband died suddenly, so all of his memories of his father are from stories, photos and videos that I’ve shared with him. I didn’t even know about Camp Erin until he was 9 years old, but I’m so glad I found it! It was so good for him to be surrounded by other children who totally understand what he goes through.

  18. Camp Erin was amazing for my daughter after we lost her brother/our son in a terrible accident last summer. It gave her a place to express her grief and remember her brother, it also let her know she wasn’t alone. That others knew what she was going through. It often feels like we’re the only ones who have ever gone through something this terrible, but I know we’re not. I just wish they’d implement a family/parents portion as well. Thank you Moyer Foundation and MargaretAnn’s Place in Milwaukee for offering such a wonderful thing.

  19. Thanks to Hospice of Anchorage, Alaska and Camp Erin for being there for my husband, Bo, granddaughter, Ciara and I. We lost our youngest daughter, Brittany (Ciara’s mom) 2 years ago this Dec. 21, 2009. Hospice has been a part of life for us. Ciara turned 6 last May 19th and was able to go to Camp Erin. It has been pretty emotional for me lately due to Britt’s anniversary date coming up and the Holidays. Out of our three daughter’s, she was the youngest and born on my birthday. I have to admit that Hospice of Anchorage has really been a GODSEND. We have a pretty large support system of family, friends and people who just care.

    Thank you Camp Erin… Ciara had a blast at her first Camp…

    Fondly, Terrie Mason

  20. HI Vickie
    My son Thomas lost his sister Jenna so it is so great to hear there were other kids like him. Would love to chat about your experience if you want. My son was the youngest there so not a real chatty cathy with info.
    Cheers Laura-Jean Byers

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