A Very Special Offer

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If you’re looking for a holiday gift this year that will help your child feel connected to your loved one, consider purchasing a “Bare Heart” buddy.
This adorable stuffed bear was created by Certified Child Life Specialist Molly Eiche to provide comfort to children and families when they become separated from a loved one. Each bear comes with a heart-shaped note pad and marker so children can draw pictures and write notes or special memories about their loved one. Children then place their messages inside Bare Heart’s pouch for safe keeping.
I recently gave my daughter Eve a Bare Heart buddy. She’s been writing notes non-stop and has been taking her buddy to bed with her every night since!
The Moyer Foundation is pleased to tell you that if you order a Bare Heart and use our special discount code, you will save $5.00 on the purchase of a buddy for the special child in your life. Simply go to the link here, order your Bare Heart, type in the promotional code “MOYER” and save!
Thank you to the folks at Bare Heart Buddy! Your generosity and commitment to our grieving children is very much appreciated!

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