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As I posted yesterday, I have the honor of being a co-author in a new book, “Women Living Consciously” that debuted on yesterday. I am happy to announce that it hit Amazon’s best seller list at #1 for Biographies and #100 for Hot New Best Sellers! It is a huge accomplishment!!!!!

The publishers of this book interviewed each of the authors about why she wrote her chapter, what it means to her and how she feels her words will impact others. I have attached the link to my audio interview here and hope you will listen. In the 20-minute interview, I talk about when my husband was diagnosed with cancer, how we made the difficult decision to have children, what life was like trying to live a “normal” life under very “abnormal” circumstances, and some of the blessings that came from living consciously.

Please take the time to listen to my interview and comment below!

Thank you so much!


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