Just Look in the Mirror…

This morning my kids put notes to their dad inside balloons and sent their Father’s Day love up to the sky. We sat there amazed at how the two balloons gently floated side by side until they disappeared from our view.

This is a new tradition we started on this 3rd Father’s Day without Jeff. I think it’s one that the kids can continue throughout their lives and one that they can involve their own children in someday. I didn’t look at their notes. I wanted so badly to see what they wrote but decided to let it be their own special message.

As this day was approaching, I was thinking a lot about what we would do to remember Jeff. Honestly we talk about him and remember him in our everyday moments but I knew on Father’s Day we needed to do something special. As I was thinking, I was reminded of a very special doctor of Jeff’s who lost his dad at an early age. His name is Steve, but Jeff and I used to call him “Super Steve” because of his amazing ability to always swoop in at the right moment with great words of advice.

Steve pulled me aside one day as things were getting worse and said, “Sheila, the most important thing my mom would tell me as I grew up without my dad was to always look in the mirror.” He went on to tell me that in the tough moments, when he was really missing his dad, his mom would have him stand in front of the mirror and see that his father was with him because his father helped to make him. She told Steve to keep looking and never forget that in the tough times, his dad was right there to help. Steve still does this to this day – some 20 years later.

I know that these holidays are tough for us, for our kids and for our families. We can’t take the pain away but we can try to grow and make positive experiences from them. I am thankful to Steve for taking the time to tell me his story because I can share it with my kids and share it with you. That is what this blog is all about. Sharing stories, learning, growing together and navigating through grief side by side – like 2 beautiful balloons.

–         Sheila

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