Giving our Kids an Outlet

New York Life recognizes how important it is to give grieving kids healthy outlets. Check out this contest for kids in grades 7-12! I know this will be great for my son (8th grade). The $1,000.00 prize will surely motivate him to enter! There are actually 28 different categories to choose from. Everything from writing to art to fashion. Check out the contest details below!

The New York Life Foundation offers this special creative challenge to encourage teens in grades 7-12 to create original works of art or writing that express their personal experience with grief and loss. Six (6) students will receive $1,000 awards, provided through a grant from the New York Life Foundation, and national recognition for their creative talents within the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. Click on the picture below to get all the details. Good luck!

Click on the picture to get the details!



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