A Lifetime of Memories…

The more involved I become with The Moyer Foundation and Camp Erin, the more I realize that the majority of volunteers, board members and supporters are those who lost a parent at a young age. Time and time again I hear, “If only there was something like Camp Erin when I needed it…”
They see the difference camp makes in our children’s lives at a time that is so very crucial, and that propels them to see to it that grieving kids get the love, support and guidance that they really could have used themselves.
I came across an article in today’s Philadelphia Daily Times newspaper that I thought was eye opening. We know as parents, and have been told, that grief is a life-long process and this piece really brings that idea home. The memories, no matter how small or large, do last a lifetime and mean just as much then as they do so many years later.

Click Here for Article


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