Just a Moment…

012mo·ment noun \ˈmō-mənt\

  • a very short period of time 2) a particular time 3) the present time

Today is Children’s Grief Awareness Day and if we all just take ONE MOMENT, we will make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

Take a moment today to:

  • Talk to your children about loss.
  • Tell someone you know about Camp Erin and how it provides grieving kids Comfort, Hope & Healing.
  • Spread the word about The Moyer Foundation by sharing their website on social media.
  • Make a commitment to volunteer or donate so that other children can benefit from Camp.
  • Have your kids post a picture and a special memory on the Moyer Foundation’s National Memory Board Project so that other kids can find comfort when they see they’re not alone.

Because No Child Should Grieve Alone…

Last week, The Moyer Foundation brought together a group of All-Star athletes to share their belief that no child should grieve alone in honor of Children’s Grief Awareness Day. I had the pleasure of spending time with these athletes last Wednesday night as we came together to raise money and awareness for Camp Erin. Their time, energy and generosity toward helping children in distress is invaluable to this program and so very much appreciated.

Will you take YOUR moment today?

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