About Eluna (previously The Moyer Foundation)


Giving Hope to Children and Families Experiencing Grief and Addiction

Eluna a 501(c) (3) non-profit public charity with a mission to support children and families impacted by grief or addiction. Founded in 2000 by Jamie Moyer, World Series champion pitcher, and child advocate, Karen Phelps Moyer, the vision of Eluna is that no child should grieve alone and together, we can break the cycle of addiction in the next

Eluna supports thousands of children and families each year through its free signature programs and services. Camp Erin® is the largest national bereavement program for children and teens grieving the death of someone significant in their lives and Camp Mariposa® is a national addiction prevention and mentoring program for youth impacted by a family member’s substance use disorder. The Eluna Resource Center extends The Foundation’s continuum of care by providing a curated set of online resources with personalized phone and email support for families experiencing grief, addiction and other related issues. For more information, please visit our website. 

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1 thought on “About Eluna (previously The Moyer Foundation)

  1. So glad to be a part of this wonderful experience for the saddest time of our life. We lost our daughter, Brooke, age 11 to a brain aneurysm November 2015. Her brother, Blake, was just 9 year old at the time and has faced a loss more profound than ever since he lost his sister, his childhood, and his best friend. Camp Erin changed his outlook. He quickly learned that he was not the only one in the world who lost a sibling and he also showed tremendous compassion and empathy for his camp mates who lost a parent. He was nurtured, respected and loved during his weekend stay and he had the opportunity to truly honor and grieve his loss in a safe and caring environment. He learned that he is not alone and the camp changed him and still does. He’s looking forward to attending next year. On another note, he is a pitcher on his club baseball team and sports and his amazing coaches have motivated him to keep on pursuing his dream of becoming a major league baseball player one day. The fact that Bill Moyer created this foundation and that Erin was a child who inspired it… well, if one believes in Karma, that is definitely it. Thank you for all you do for grieving children. You are truly changing their lives for the better.

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