In My Son’s Words…

I asked my son to write down his thoughts on his Camp Erin experience. Although it has been over 2 years since he last attended camp, his memories and experiences are still fresh and alive! What a lasting difference it makes in our childrens’ lives!

“When I think about when my dad passed away, I look back at what it felt like. I thought that this was all wrong and that it was all a nightmare. Why me? I also thought that I was all alone. I felt like nobody else had something so heart-breaking occur to them. One place cured that thought, and that is Camp Erin.

Camp Erin is amazing. I was extremely excited when I first arrived. I said to myself, ‘This is perfect’. Never would I have thought that I could meet kids just like me who have had similar experiences. On top of that, the camp created such a welcoming environment. Camp Erin showed me that I can continue to live and be happy, while still keeping my dad forever in my mind.”

– Kyle, age 13

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